Data Care is a WiFi/3G/4G data usage monitor for iOS 7, iOS 6, and iOS 5. It can help you know current 3G/4G data usage to prevent from exceeding data plan. It collects data usage from iOS without connecting to wireless service provider, and it works for all wireless service providers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, NTT DoCoMo, Telstra, etc.

Due to the iOS security policy, Data Care can only support limited background mode to monitor your networking data usage. It monitors location movement in background, when iOS sends location change event, it waked up and record data usage. Such limited background mode can provide coarse-grained data usage. If you want to record accurate data usage, you have to launch Data Care manually and it will record data usage automatically when launching.

Please turn on GPS to have full experience of Data Care, although it consumes very very little extra power.


DataCare provides many features as following:

  1. Data usage chart: You can analysis data usage in different view: daily, weekly, period (period data plans).
  2. Geolocation data usage: Recording data usage and geolocation data to help you review data usage in map. DataCare will apply background location tracing, in default, you can turn-off it in *Settings*.
  3. Multiple data plans: You can create many data plans while keeping original data plans. For example, setup new data plans for your vacation.
  4. Usage prediction: According to current data usage, it calculates the possibility of exceeding data plan. You could arrange the daily wireless data usage carefully before the next billing cycle.
  5. Account management: a simple account management tool to store your WiFi account and password.