User Guide



Bundle Book supports a lot of file formats:

Comic: CBZ, CBR, CBT, CB7

eBook: PDF, ePub, CHM, Mobi, PRC

Put Files into Bundle Book

Bundle Book provides a simple file browser to enable user select file to view and many ways to transfer file into Bundle Book. You can transfer file via iTunes. If you have Dropbox or Google Drive account, I strongly suggest you link Bundle Book with your cloud storage.

Read File

You can see the reading interface as following:

Basic Reading

There are three ways to read book page by page. The first way is clicking the 'Previous Page' and 'Next Page' button in menu bar. It is the traditional GUI application to control program's behavior.


The second way is 'Tap to Flip Page'. You can tap the left part and the right part to change page and tap the central part to show menu bar. This way is suitable for electronic device. If you don't like it, you can turn-off in 'Setting'.

The last way is 'Swipe to Change Page'. You can swipe from left to right or swipe from right to left, and you can tap one time to show menu bar. It is trying to provide you the same reading experience as real book. If you don't like it, you can turn-off in 'Setting'



Book layout

You can change the attributes of ebook file to enhance you reading experience.


Left binding: Next page is flipping from right to left, default value, used in most books

Right binding: Next page is flipping from right to left. Mostly using in Chinese and Japanese books.

cover page


two pages in landscape


Crop page

there is blank padding border in many PDF file, you can crop the padding parts to see only meaning area.



There are several free online dictionaries sites.

It also collects many on-line free dictionary sites to support different languages.


Chinese support

When you open ePub file, BundleBook can convert Simplified Chinese into Traditional Chinese automatically, and vice verse. This function is not only replace the character, but also try substitution  phrase.




Reading History


Social Network









File Transfer





Web Service

BundleBook has both web server and web client


Bluetooth (non-standard protocol)



You can download file from Dropbox. sync to Dropbox with the downloaded folders and files.


Google Drive


iOS to iOS

You can transfer files between two iDevice via Bluetooth or wifi.


iOS to windows, Linux, max osx, android

Due to the limitation of iDevice's Bluetooth, you can not transfer files