User Guide


DataCare helps you to manage iPhone/iPad data usage and prevent exceeding your data plan.

To improve accuracy of data usage, you have to launch DataCare periodically. DataCare also provides mechanisms to help you.

  1. DataCare can reminds you launch DataCare periodically via iOS built-in reminder. 
  2. DataCare can record your networking status using GPS background mode.

Significant events:

  • Cross day
  • Change location
  • Reboot device

Recommended actions:

  • Before you about to suspend device for a while
  • Start using device after suspend for a while
  • Place DataCare app icon in the same page with heavy data usage apps and launch DataCare before you launch the heavy data app. The heavy data usage apps include Safari, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Dropbox, YouTube, App Store, TeamViewer, Flipboard, Line.
  • Before you go to bed in the night
  • After you wakeup in the morning
  • About to leaving a boring place.
  • Before you reboot iPhone/iPad
  • After you reboot iPhone/iPad


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Data Usage Geolocation Map